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Monuments explores the daily landscape of the suburbs of the Greek countryside. A landscape dotted with unintentional monuments, ephemeral or not, which are integrated into the landscape, usually, without design, use or aesthetics.

Entertainment centers, canteens, abandoned cars, incomplete buildings, etc. Constructions that are integrated into the landscape for a long time after the end of their purpose, which they failed to fulfill for reasons unknown to us, although we can often guess them.

These constructions have as long as they exist the characteristics of a monument, even if unintentional. They remind us of human habits and practices that generally characterize Greek society, its way of life, its habits. They also remind us how much society shapes the landscape of the countryside.

The aim of this work is to detect the limits of the phenomenon by depicting objects with a different character, which either fell into ruins or seem to have risen as such.

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