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West Side


West side series examines the area of the western suburbs of Athens. Western suburbs are ranked among the most degraded. At the same time they constitute an overcrowded complex, where a significant percentage of industrial production takes place. Due to the distance from the city center, the quality of everyday life seems to be enhanced: people have access to opportunities and services such as shops, great schools, hospitals. Nevertheless, the composition of an area is a dynamic process that allows a middle-class home to stand next to a working-class home. Cities can only be seen in relation to their historical, cultural and economic context. Neighborhoods have their own life and identity and are built around local squares and reference points. While photographing the area, various questions arose. Why do residents form distinct neighborhoods based on social class? How do they choose where to live and what are the limitations of their choices? Will the "poor" always gather in the same places? Do land values in the above areas increase because of urban regeneration; once again excluding those who do not fit in the new reality?

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